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-{{ :​ml_explainer.jpg?​400 |}}====== mL Explainer ====== 
-The mL Explainer is a 2D animated, audio-visual package that renders an otherwise obscure, potentially confusing concept, topic, situation, product more understandable. It's a great way to briefly but clearly convey a message to your audience. Enough with boring Powerpoint presentation?​ The mL Explainer does the job by engaging the audience with interesting characters, copious illustrations,​ stories that convey the unfamiliar as something relatable and intelligible. It simplifies overly complex topics into digestible chunks without compromising your message. 
-Typically a 10-20 second package, the mL Explainer package is fun to share via social media and other platforms. ​ 
-Contact moodLearning for details.\\ 
-(+63 2) 652 6922\\\\ 
-=== Sample Explainer === 
-{{youtube>​2LuQCeWOYZ8?​large|LMS for employee on-boaring }}