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mL Box

portable, wifi-ready offline eLearning resources in a box. No internet needed.

Key Features

  • compact, portable - the box itself is only about 3“x2”x1“
  • low energy consumption - can be powered by a power bank for mobile phones
  • suitable for off-site training where access to the Internet is difficult
  • accessible via wifi, without needing any Internet connection
  • high capacity - the mL Box can hold 128GB (or more) of multimedia materials accessible either as a site or as part of the portable learning management system (LMS)

Contact to request demo.


  • limited number of concurrent users. While the total number of users are not limited, those who are able to use the materials would be limited in number. For plain text, about 20 simultaneous users. For light video use, about 10 concurrent users.
  • wifi speed limited to home or small office use