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Line 35: Line 35:
   * password use   * password use
   * restrict access to old exams   * restrict access to old exams
-  * use of **Safe Exam Browser** that features the following:+  * use of **Safe Exam Browser** for //exam lockdown// with the following security considerations:
 <code>  <code> 
 - only one access device allowed - only one access device allowed
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 \\ \\
 ====and one more thing... The Proctorial Dashboard ==== ====and one more thing... The Proctorial Dashboard ====
-  * Proctorial validates who you are using facial recognition technology +  * Proctorial validates the identity of test takers using facial recognition technology. 
-  * Proctorial knows where you are  +  * Proctorial knows where test takers are while taking the exam.  
-  * Proctorial records your video and audio+  * Proctorial records a test taker'video and audio
 +  * Proctorial notes of where the test taker's eyes are looking.
 \\ \\
 +{{ ::proctorial-dashboard.png?nolink&600 |}} \\ 
 +{{ ::failed-validation.png?nolink&600 |}} \\ \\  
 + [{{ ::facial-on-proctorial.png?nolink&100|Proctorial stares at you all the time.}}] We do not want to give it away too much, especially to those who are determined to cheat on an exam anyway. But there are a number of triggers (gaze, voice, bodily movement) for certain information to appear on the Proctorial Dashboard. Is the test taker really looking more at the screen or elsewhere? Is the test taker talking or gesturing to someone? Has the test taker left the room too long? We at Proctorial constantly seek to maintain the integrity of your exam.
 ---- ----
 ===== See Also=====  ===== See Also=====