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Measures to Prevent Cheating on Proctorial

These are the measures that a proctor may deploy on Proctorial


  • time limitation
  • different test for each student
  • shuffled questions and answers
  • closing the test
  • limited number of questions on a screen
  • large number of questions
  • IP address and geolocation monitoring
  • password use
  • restrict access to old exams
  • Safe Exam Browser
- only one access device allowed
- only one browser to use, with only one tab available
- only one screen allowed
- forced fullscreen
- printing disabled
- clipboard disabled
- cache cleared
- download disabled
- external storage device disallowed
- no re-entry allowed


  • simultaneous conduct of exams
  • restriction of physical movement or location
  • restriction of IP
  • communication of rules


  • use of creative questions
  • use of calculated or weighed questions
  • use of test weights


  • Use of Honor Code
  • Communication of Technical Measures
  • Penalties for Cheating