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-====== LMS Security ====== 
-For most uses of a learning management system (LMS), security is a moderate concern. However, for certain [[|moodLearning]] partners, security is of prime value. \\ 
-Here are some of the security measures at play on moodLearning-powered learning management systems (LMS): 
-  * strong passwords 
-  * failed login notification 
-  * [[2-factor-authentication]] 
-  * blacklisting of notorious IP addresses 
-  * banning of accounts with repeated login failures 
-  * enhanced security, especially with regard to [[|Content Security Policy]], [[|X-XSS-Protection]], [[x-content-type-options|X-Content-Type-Options]], [[|Referrer Policy]], [[|X-Frame-Options]]  
-  * [[|SSL encryption]] 
-Most of all, [[|moodLearning]] makes it a mission to stay updated with the latest security vulnerabilities in order to ensure that its partners' risks are managed proactively. 
-====== See Also ====== 
-  * [[2-factor-authentication]]