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-====== Integrating the eLibrary in Teaching and Learning ====== 
-These are some of the ways a school could well utilitize the Tambayong eLibrary. 
-{{ ::​integrating_elib.jpg?​400 |}} 
-====== Teachers Grant to Incorporate eLibrary Resources in Lesson Plans ====== 
-  * [[http://​|Tambayayong Mainit, Inc]] (TMI) offers a modest amount of 5 thousand pesos to a K-12 teacher (in a school where the Tambayayong eLibrary is deployed in Mainit, SDN) with an **approved** set of lesson plans (2 lesson plans per quarter in science or math; 8 lessons in total in a year) using the PPST (Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers) specifications. The resulting lesson plans will be published online as examples for the utilization of the eLibrary Project. The offer is good till the grant funds last. Initially we're approving 4 grant applications.\\ 
-{{ ::​ppst-module9.png?​500 |}} 
-====== School Activities ====== 
-  * school activities designed to support immersive learning like [[learning-on-the-go-project|the Learning on the Go Project]]\\ 
-{{ ::​learning-on-the-go.png?​350 |}}