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-SerbizHub Mail at **** supports Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). iOS and Android devices work well with EAS, which enables users to sync mails, calendars, contacts, tasks, memos, notes. 
-Exchange ActiveSync enables the system to push notifications,​ including the arrival of new email.\\ 
-====== Step-by-step configuration ====== 
-1. On home screen, open Mail app.\\ 
-2. Supply your full email address ( and password in Account Settings.\\ 
-3. If Account Type is asked, choose Exchange. (Otherwise, use IMAP.)\\ 
-4. In detailed account setup page, put in your server address and email account credentials:​\\ 
-Username: your full email address (\\ 
-Password: password of your email account\\ 
-Port: 443\\ 
-Please also check **Use secure connection (SSL)** and **Accept all SSL certificates**.\\ 
-5. Choose Push, if available.\\ 
-6. Choose a name for your Exchange account and Finish.