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eCoach files, especially videos, could grow exponentially. Needed is a plugin to manage its files. Enter the eCoach File Manager.

For Site Admin:

To delete old video files using eCoach File Manager, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to your LMS

Step 2: Navigate to Home

Step 3: Locate the eCoach File Manager Block, then click the link.

Step 4: Select drop down to filter result by date, then click the button beside to confirm the action.

Step 5: To preview files before you decide on what to delete, you can click the link to preview the file/video.

Step 6.1: To select a single item to delete, click the checkbox beside the item of your choice.

Step 6.2: To select all items, click the checkbox beside the delete button

Step 7: Click the delete button to proceed.

Step 8: Click continue to perform the deletion.

Step 9: Click history to view the record of the file deleted click the history button

Step 10. To export record, scroll down below and click Export report to CSV